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4 oz bottles $19 Makes 2 1/2 Gallons. 16 0z Bottle Makes 10 Gallons $46.00 - Fast - Free Shipping

Get Rid Of Your Bugs. Spider Mites and Mildew Instantly The Healthy Way. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Details Organic - Non Toxic- Food Grade. FDA and EPS Approved. Reviews

See the difference within an hour. Buy Now

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Holi Moli Juice

1 Qt. Bottle $22.95 Makes 32 Gallons. / or 1 Gal Bottle Makes 128 Gallons $48.00 - Fast n Free Shipping
Show 'EM Love With The Best 100 % Organic Complete Nutrient Base On The Market Today. Your plants Will Outperform Anything You've Grown So Far. Reviews

Details -- Buy Now

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4 oz bottles $19 Makes 3 Gallons. /or 16 0z Bottle Makes 12 Gallons $46.00 - Fast n Free Shipping
Take them up a Notch. Bigger Trichromes by up to 30% and MORE BUD!!! Formulated to enhance potency. Reviews

Details -- Buy Now

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Soil Zeolite

Zeolite Plus

1 lb $17.80 treats 6 - 8 Cubic ft. /or 5 lbs treats 30 - 40 cubic ft. $36.00 - Fast n Free Shipping
1 lb of Zeolite Plus = up to 20 lbs of Zeolite. Start saving water and money and Time.

Details -- Buy Now

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.digital ph balance tester

Digital pH Balance Tester

pH Tester for Liquid
Includes calibration solutions and screwdriver

Cost $11.99 each -- Buy Now

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.eye loupes

Eye Loupes

1 Pc 14X Dual Lens Eye Loupe Magnifying Glass Magnifier

Cost $6.00 for one 14X eye loupe -- Buy Now

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.reading glsses

Clear Diopter Reading Glasses

4.00 reading glasses for viewing plant leaves for insects or damage in comfort
100% brand new and high qualityexcellent durability Fashionable cool look

COST $3.50 each -- Buy Now

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