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Nutrient Overview for Cannabis Plants

Nutrient Overview


Science has proven that plants need more than just N, P, and K to lead healthy, productive lives. Other macro-nutrients plants require are sulfur, magnesium, calcium and others.

Nutrient Overview 2

It appears:

Without a full complement of these vital plant nutrients, plant growth slows or even stops. By providing every element a plant needsyou will truly experience the full flavor, and the fragrance of your Bud.

Nutrient Overview 3

Trace Minerals:

Other elements like aluminum, chlorine, cobalt, iodine, selenium, silicon, sodium and vanadium are required in minimal amounts that are usually present as impurities in the water supply or mixed along with other nutrients.

Nutrient Overview 4

Nutrient lockout:

Nutrients may be in the soil or medium, but your plants can't absorb them. Two different ways can cause this. #1 is by an unbalance of pH. #2 excess amount of nutrients locking out other nutrients.

Nutrient Overview 5


In cases of deficienies, roots may become stubby, new leaves will wilt and be pale. Leaves will turn bronze with progression. Both a deficiency and excess amounts of nutrients will show the same characteristics!

Nutrient Overview 6

The Cure: Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice

To prevent deficiencies in your Plants use Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice. Just water your plants, with a mixture of Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice every 2nd or 3rd watering. Can also be used as a foilar spray.

nutrients in excess chart


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