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Nickel for Cannabis Plants



Plants are unable to complete its life cycle in the absence of the nutrient Nickel (Ni) (life cycle = vegetative state, flower, seed production). Always check your pH

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It appears:

Plants suffering from Ni deficiency show necrosis initiating from the tip of the leaf. This symptom can be reversed or corrected by applying a dilute Ni solution.

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Nickel (Ni):

Nickel is a key component of selected enzymes involved in N metabolism and biological N fixation.

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Nickel Type: micronutrient:

Required for the enzyme urease to break down urea to liberate the nitrogen into a usable form for plants. Nickel is required for iron absorption. Seeds need nickel in order to germinate.

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Symptoms include chlorosis and interveinal chlorosis in young leaves that that goes down to plant tissue necrosis. Other things are poor seed germination and decreases in crop yield.

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The Cure: Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice

To prevent deficiencies in your Plants use Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice. Just water your plants, with a mixture of Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice every 2nd or 3rd watering. Can also be used as a foilar spray.


Nickel supplements are:

The solution easiest and most effective is to correct acute Ni deficiency is foliar spraying with a dilute solution of water-soluble Ni fertilizer.
DrMoli's Holi Moli Juice can be effectively used as a Ni fertilizer.

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