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Molybdenum for Cannabis Plants

molybdenum deficiency 1


Seeds may not form completely, and nitrogen deficiency may occur if plants are lacking molybdenum. Occurs when sulfur and phosphorus are deficient. Always check your pH

Molybdenum 2

It appears:

Leaves have a pale, fringed and scorched look, along with weird or retarded leaf growth. Yellowing of middle leaves can occur as well as twisted younger leaves which will eventually die.

Molybdenum 3

Molybdenum (Mo):

A structural component of the enzyme that reduces nitrates to ammonia. Proteins that help the plant take nitrogen from the air.

Molybdenum 4

Molybdenum Type: micronutrient:

A structural component of the enzyme that reduces nitrates to ammonia. Without it, the synthesis of proteins is blocked and plant growth ceases.

molybdenum deficiency 5


leaves will pale, appear fringed and scorched. wierd leaf patterns. Yellowing of middle leaves. twisted younger leaves. this is commonly mistaken for a N deficiency, generally starts on older growth, and moves to newer growth.

Molybdenum 6

The Cure: Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice

To prevent deficiencies in your Plants use Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice. Just water your plants, with a mixture of Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice every 2nd or 3rd watering. Can be used as a foilar spray for faster results.


Molybdenum supplements are:

Other nutrients that have Molybdenum in them are: All Purpose Plant food does, as well as Greensand, Lime. Green sand and lime is slow/medium absorption


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