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Manganese for Cannabis Plants

manganese deficiency 1


Young leaves will be mottled, spotted with yellow and brown areas. dead spots will appear, leaves will yellow, veins remain green. Always check your pH

manganese deficiency 2

It appears:

Leaves may become yellow in between the veins, with mottled brown spots on the affected leaves. These brown dead patches may spread and eventually kill the leaf. Leaves may also shred and fall apart.

Manganese 3

Manganese (Mn):

Helps enzymes break down for chlorophyll and photosynthesis production, as well as it works with plant enzymes to reduce
nitrates before producing proteins.

Manganese 4

Manganese Type: micronutrient:

Involved in enzyme activity for photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen metabolism.

Manganese 5


lnterveinal chlorosis of new leaves with some green next to veins and later with grey or tan necrotic spots in chlorotic areas. Alkaline soils, poorly drained soils, and soils high in available Fe can induce Mn deficiency.

manganese deficiency 6

The Cure: Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice

To prevent deficiencies in your Plants use Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice. Just water your plants, with a mixture of Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice every 2nd or 3rd watering. Can also be used as a foilar spray for faster results.


Manganese (Mn) supplements are:

Foliar feed with any chemical fertilizer containing (Mn), or mix with water and water your plants with it. Any Chemical/Organic nutrients that have Manganese in them will fix a Manganese deficiency. (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients or it will cause nutrient burn!) Other nutrients that have Manganese in them are: Manganese chelate, Manganese carbonate, Manganese chloride, Manganese dioxide, Manganese oxide, Manganese sulfate, which are all fast absorption. Garden Manure, Greenssand are both good sources of manganese and are medium/ slow absorption.

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