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Harmful Insects To Cannabis Plants



Deterring them with: Boric Acid. cinnamon, vinegar, black pepper... Learn More



Aphids are a “sap sucking” insects. Aphids carry viruses...Learn More


Box Elder Bug

Box Elder Bugs:

Curing: Locate, and destroy. Use diatomaceous earth, borax...Learn More

Broad Mites Pic

Broad Mites:

If your plants look like this, Dr Moli's Eliminator can save them....Learn More

Brown Stink Bug Pic

Brown Stink Bugs:

Praying mantises and some species of spiders will attack stinkbugs... Learn More

Caterpillar Pic


Mix BTK with Dr Moli's Eliminator and use as a foilar spray...Learn More

Fungus Gnats pic

Fungus Gnats:

Dr Moli's Eliminator is the best way to get rid of these pests... Learn More

Japanese Beetle Pic

Japanese Beetle:

Predator Nematodes and Milky Spore Disease. Eliminator... Learn More

Leafminers Pic


Dr Moli's Eliminator is the best way to get rid of these pests... Learn More.

Mealybug Pic

Mealy Bugs:

Spray plants with Drmoli's Eliminator and watch them disapear... Learn More

Scales Pic


Spray the plant with Drmoli's Eliminator, and your problem will disapear... Learn More

Snails and Slug Pic

Snails & Slugs:

Fossil Shell Flour, Slug Traps, Salt, Slug Magic, Sluggo and others... Learn More

Spider Mites Pic

Spider Mites:

Want to kill spider mites and their eggs on plants Drmoli's Eliminator... Learn More

Thrips Pic


Spray well - top and under leaves, Problem gone Drmoli's Eliminator... Learn More

Whiteflies pic


Spray with Drmoli's Eliminator top and under leaves, and flies if you can... Learn More

Dr MOli Eliminator Pic

The Cure: Eliminator

Have “sap sucking” insects? Dr Moli's Eliminator kills them with just one .....Learn More


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