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Wyoming Marijuana laws

One Wyoming Lawmaker Tried to Change Things.

Sponsor Jim Byrd, a Cheyenne Democrat, wanted the state to turn cannabis possession cases into civil offenses: Fine anybody with up to a half ounce $50 and anybody with a half ounce to an ounce $100. In a floor vote, lawmakers voted 38-22 to kill the bill. Another bill that would have allowed medical marijuana for patients suffering from long-term pain, glaucoma or migraines was voted down at the same time.

It seems Wyoming lawmakers have had their fill of the marijuana debate for a while. They are now considering House Bill 187, which would prohibit any new bills or discussion of marijuana policy while the state spends $15,000 on a study of the drug’s impacts on the criminal justice system, public health and state revenue.

The following charts highlights the main provisions of Wyoming marijuana laws.

Code Section 35-7-1001 to 1057
Possession Less than 3 oz.: misdemeanor, up to 1 yr. and/or $1000; Over 3 oz.: felony, up to 5 yrs. and/or $10,000; Subsequent offense: up to 5 yrs. and/or $5000 or double penalties
Sale Up to 10 yrs. and/or $10,000; Subsequent offense or sale to minor or sale in drug-free zone: double penalties
Trafficking -


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